Audio Anarchy Radio is an offshoot of the Audio Anarchy project. In addition to audio books, we wanted a place where we could also produce our own content in a more dynamic way. And this is it.

These broadcasts should come more frequently, and can also be heard on Pirate Cat Radio (87.9 FM) in San Francisco on Monday nights from 6pm - 7pm.

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An Anarchist Critique Of Democracy
In this piece, Moxie Marlinspike and Windy Hart present an anarchist critique of Democracy. Their critique extends to democracy in all of its various forms, and covers alienation, the logic of decontextualized decision making, the reduction of ideas to opinions, and the near-universal acceptance of "majority rule." Also included is a discussion of why democracy is so good at reproducing itself, and how that plays out into our lives.

An Introduction To Anarchist Thoughts On Property
This piece explores some historical thoughts on the origin and nature of private property. By examining the texts of John Locke, PJ Proudhon, and Peter Kropotkin, we encounter questions of where private property came from, how it became an accepted standard, and what its philosophical justifications are. All of these historical thoughts echo loudly into the world of today.

An Introduction To A Critique Of Technology
In this piece, Javier Francisco talks about technology and some of its implications. He moves beyond questions of whether technologies shape social institutions or social institutions shape technologies, to explore the ways in which they are intimately tied together. This is done by looking at perspectives about technology throughout history, examining several myths about technology today, and exploring the ways that technology affects our social relationships.

A Hitchhiker's Audio Tour Of The United States
"Ever since I caught my first ride, hitchhiking has been a love of mine. Although I believe in the strength of community, sometimes it can also act as a cultural sink-hole. Since community is almost always based on similar interest, I sometimes find myself drowning in a chorus of predictably similar thoughts. As an escape from that life growing stale, hitchhiking is a great way to brighten my eyes." A Hitchhiker's Audio Tour Of The United States is a hitchhiker's story, complete with the recorded thoughts, theories, and life philosophies of everyone he met along the way.

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